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How to Install the Arduino IDE for Windows 


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How to Install the Arduino IDE 

for Windows 

Written By: William Anderson 


• Computer running Windows (1) ! • Arduino (1) 

! • USB A to B cabled) 

! • LED(1) 


You can't program an Arduino without the IDE! Some of the things that I've made are made 
with Arduinos. So, how do you install the IDE? These instructions will tell you how. 

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How to Install the Arduino IDE for Windows 



search ) 

• Go to . 
Download the latest software and 
save the file to your hard drive. 

Buy Download letting Started Learning Reference Hardware FAQ 

Arduino is an open-source electronics 
prototyping platform based on flexible, easy- 
to-use hardware and software. It's intended for 
artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone 
interested in creating interactive objects or 

Arduino can sense the environment by receiving 
input from a variety of sensors and can affect its 
surroundings by controlling lights, motors, and 
other actuators. The microcontroller on the board is 
programmed using the Arduino programming 
language (based on Wiring) and the Ardtiino 

development environment (based on Processing). 

_ _ . . 

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How to Install the Arduino IDE for Windows 

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How to Install the Arduino IDE for Windows 

i. 7-Zip 

9/21/2012 10:43 AM 

File folder 


12/27/2012 9:29 AM 

File folder 

i . Audacity 

9/21/2012 12:04 PM 

File folder 

. Common Files 

12/27/2012 9:29 AM 

File folder 

,. DVD Maker 

6/3/2012 12:26 AM 

File folder 

,. Google 

9/21/2012 12:05 PM 

File folder 

k . GUMF095.tmp 

5/11/2012 7:15 PM 

File folder 


11/1/2012 2:35 PM 

File folder 

i . Intel 

7/18/2012 10:17 AM 


Internet Explorer 

6/3/2012 12:26 AM 

File folder 

It Java 

9/21/2012 10:36 AM 


. Microsoft Analysis Services 

4/27/2012 10:36 PM 


Microsoft Office 

4/27/2012 10:46 PM 


Microsoft Policy Platform 

5/11/2012 7:16 PM 


Microsoft Security Client 

7/18/2012 10:26 AM 


. Microsoft Silverlight 

2/5/2013 12:36 PM 


Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition 



,. Microsoft Sync Framework 

4/27/2012 10:43 PM 


Microsoft Synchronization Services 

4/27/2012 10:44 PM 

File folder 

d/77/?m 7 in. 37 PM 

Flip- fnlrl^r 

Navigate to the folder where you 
placed the downloaded file. The 
Arduino IDE is distributed as a .zip 
ile, so you'll have to unzip it. 

If you have an older version of 
Windows, such as XP, you will 
need a third-party unzip utility. 
Cam UnZip is one such program 
and it's free. 

Newer versions of Windows, such 
as Windows 7, are able to read the 
.zip file without special software. In 
this case, the .zip file will appear 
as a folder. Double-click the folder 
to open it. 

In either case, inside the .zip file 
you will find a single folder named 
something like arduino-i .0.3. If 

you are using Windows 7, simply 
drag and drop this folder into 

C:\Program Files, and all of the 

files will be unzipped and copied. 

If you are using a third-party unzip 
program, the procedure for 
unzipping the file will depend on the 
individual program but the 
destination will be the same. 

To create a desktop icon for the 
IDE, go to C:\Program Files and 
open the newly created Arduino 
folder. Right-click on 
arduino . exe and select Send to 
> Desktop (create shortcut). 

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How to Install the Arduino IDE for Windows 

^5i^i*|T> k Control Panel k System and Security 


5Mff^ ConfrTD! 1 Panel 

Control Panel Home 

* System and Security 

Network and Internet 

Hardware and Sound 


User Accounts 

Appearance and 

Clock, Language, and Region 
Ease of Access 

L*R Configuration Manager 

• Plug the Arduino into your 
computer using the USB cable. Go 
to Start > Control Panel > System 
and Security > Device Manger. 

You should see the words "Arduino 
Uno" (or whatever Arduino you're 

• Click Update Driver Software > 

Browse. Then select the driver for 
your Arduino in c : \Program 

Files \arcluino- 
x.x.x\cirivers. Click Next. 
You're done!! 

^i sketch_apr06a | Arduino 1.0 


File Edit Sketch [Tools] Help 

oo u 


Auto Format 
Archive Sketch 
Fix Encoding & Reload 
Serial Monitor 

Serial Port 

Ctrl + T 

Ctrl + Shift+ M 

Burn Bootloader 

• Double-click on the shortcut you 
made earlier to start the IDE. Go to 
Tools > Serial Port and select the 
COM port that the Arduino is 
connected to. (You can find out 
which one you're using by going 
back to the device manager.) 
Under Tools > Board select the 
Arduino board you're using. 

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How to Install the Arduino IDE for Windows 

• Keep the Arduino plugged in so that 
you can program it. Go to Files > 
Examples > Basics > Blink. Then 
press the reset button on the 
Arduino and click Upload. 

• If all went well, you should see the 
message "Done uploading" on the 
bottom of the IDE screen. Plug an 
LED into pins digital 13 and ground. 
It should blink. If it doesn't, then flip 
the pins around. 

• Happy making! 

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